Monday, April 1, 2013

What life looks like on a "waitlist"

We've been on a "waitlist" for 2 years and 2 months.  We started this adoption journey at #97 on January 19, 2011.  

Our March 2013 # is 10.  

Most days on the waitlist look like ordinary everyday living (with the exception of the days we have had to update expired paperwork, there is nothing ordinary about that).  We have ballgames to attend, coach and play in.  We have laundry and dishes and sibling disagreements-  The things that go on in most families.   In the past 2 years we've experienced heartache and blessings.  We've done all kinds of things to prepare for adoption.  We've acquainted ourselves with other adoptive parents.  We've attended attachment training.  We've read lots information about what we can expect.  

My favorite days are those precious days we dream as a family and talk about what we think our daughter and sister will be like, and talk about how we will fix her hair and things we will teach her.  

Then there are those days as a mother I quietly ache for her and cry for the loss and heartache she will go through to be part of our family.  I hope she will accept us as her own.  I hope I can love her the way she wants to be loved.  I pray I will have the strength to hold my little family together when it gets tough.  This is when I realize the things that make a God-sized dream God sized.

At # 10 - the end is in sight.  I feel as if I found out Im for sure pregnant I just am not sure how far along I am 2 months or 9 months.  These differences are extreme I know but there must be a balance between being prepared and surviving a long wait.  

I personally hope the days in the very near future look anything but ordinary.   I'm ready to get the call that there is a baby in Africa waiting on us.  

God size dreamers are inspiring.  Follow your own God size Dream and join others here to be encouraged.