Monday, March 11, 2013

Hey Dreamer

Hey Dreamer,

This is for you.......

When I think about your dreams and mine I often get teary eyed.  It so amazing to watch God work out such intricate details of the dreams He has placed in our hearts.  I love to see Him show up and love us so deeply.

But often I get busy and forget.  Forget to dream and even forget the passion.  I get caught up in this daily grind of life.   Is that you too?  If I not looking and expecting I miss it.   But with one little yes I am moving again.  He is the wind behind my sails, and when I see Him working I get encouraged.

Will you be encouraged with me?????  In this road of adoption it is easy for me to get discouraged and believe it isn't going to happen.  But He has promised and He is faithful.  and today I'm excited!  I feel joy in being on the path He has chosen for our family.  He is growing and changing us daily to live out the dream.

books-and-more.jpgThese are some of my favorite quotes from Holley Gerth's You’re Made for a God-sized Dream: Opening the Door to All God Has for You :

Every dream or desire you have that comes from God is and invitation for more intimacy with Him. 

You have been entrusted with certain ways of making a difference in the world and it's up to you to make the most of them during your time on Earth.  

Our role is obedience. God's role is results

He has already given you all you need and made you all you need to be.   

Don't those quotes just encourage the socks off of you!!!!!   The timing of this book in my life is nothing short of a God love note.

God has great plans for you dreamer!!!! Don't sit back and miss it!