Monday, October 15, 2012

What is your number???

What is your number?   I question I hear on a regular basis and if in truth someone asked me for my number( meaning my phone number) I would most likely assume (like a fellow adoptive mom)  they would mean our waitlist number.

Our waitlist number kinda sets the time frame for the process of this adoption. 

On January 19, 2010 we were placed on the waitlist with our agency for #97 for a girl 0-2.

As of this day October 15, 2012 we are #19.  Finally in the teens! 

What has occured to me is that if you are not an official stalker of the waitlist, you may not understand exactly how it works.  Basically there are 19 families in front of us.  However, these families may be on a sibling list or boys list as well.  So a boy referral may in fact result in movement on the girls list depending on the families parameters. 

Something that I have often explained in an effort to communicate the waitlist process is that once we are at #1 we will receive a referral. 

I no longer think that is how its going to go down. 

To put in perspective, last week the family that received their referral was #10 on the waitlist for a girl 0-2.

I think its time we start anticipating a "call". 

As we wait we are trusting God and His perfect timing for a "call" about a little girl across the world, that we pray will take us as her family.