Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Heart for the Orphan

I mentioned in my last post I felt like God is leading me to something more after our Addi May comes home. 

I can tell you since beginning our journey to Addi, God has used it to open my eyes to the orphan around the world.  

It began when my BFF went to Ethiopia with our adoption agency to work with orphans(I couldn't go).  As she was leaving she told me she learned they were also taking a trip to Haiti at the end of the summer and I should go.  And like any good friend does , I listened and went.  and these babes stole my heart.......
Then it happened... as I looked across at the kids playing in the courtyard I suddenly imagined these two (my boys) there in the orphanage without a mommy, without me to tuck them in bed and tell them they are loved and are special and are valuable.  It was that moment when my heart recognized what it meant to be an "orphan".  Food and shelter and education and loving caregivers do not equal a family. 

and my heart broke..............forever changed

I do not know exactly where this "dream" is headed yet. For now it involves sponsoring and praying for this sweet girl.... 

and I know that this blog is a small step in that direction for advocating for the orphan. 

I've been blessed beyond measure that God has given me a best friend to share the journey with. Our hearts are intertwined with the mission of fighting for the least of these.
Me &Teryia in Haiti Jan 2012

I love this quote in the God-sized dream series today@www.holleygerth.com
"We were never meant to be lone-dreamers. You need a God-sized posse, a small gang, and someone to dream crazy dreams with. We were never meant to walk this journey alone. When we lock hearts with one another and dream God-dreams we are a force to be reckoned with! "— Jennifer Watson, Today’s Guest Poster

Want encouragement ?  join myself and other God-size Dreamers @ www.HolleyGerth.com

and Join me in working through 
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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What happens when your in the middle of living a God-Sized Dream

I've said from the beginning that this entire Adoption process is a God thing.  If it wasn't there would be no way we could do it.  

Recently I linked up with Holley Gerth and some really amazing God Sized Dreamers {http://holleygerth.com/meet-your-god-sized-dream-team/} to encourage one another for living out our God-Size Dreams.  

I'm a planner, list maker, goal writer, dreamer, activity seeker, purpose driven kind of gal, if you get my drift.  So this whole dreaming "together" thing was right up my alley.

As I've worked through some of the projects and challenges{following the guide The “Do What You Can” Plan: 21 Days to Making Any Area of Your Life Better by Holley Gerth} I recognized this thing called adoption is my God-Sized Dream.

I'm not sure when He began to stir my heart toward adoption.

Maybe it was here on this trip to Mexico, where as a young, newly married 22 year old I left this orphanage wishing I could take this little darling home to be mine forever. 

I'm here now 16 years later.....waiting for a little girl on the other side of the world that God has chosen for me to be her mommy.  

Is comfortable ? No way! 
Is it easy? Ha! 
Has it been smooth?  Never count on it!
Have I doubted?  to many times to number
Has it happened in my timing?  Never! (Thats another blog post entirely)

Is it destined to Bring Him Glory? YES
Is it amazing? YES
Is it Life changing ? YES

Seeing God's hand all over our lives.........Priceless

So what are some things God has called you to do?  Have you been too scared?  Have you avoided it so much you've forgotten the dream that used to make you giddy to think about?

Join me here:  http://holleygerth.com/category/god-sized-dreams/  Give God a chance to rekindle the spark that used to burn in your heart before life got in the way.

Sometime in the next week Im gonna share~ Part two of my God-Sized Dream: Where God is leading me to in our life after adoption.